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Run Dress

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What a great Red Dress Event!. The new run course was a hit. The food with the new catfish addition from Corky’s was a hit. The Redd’s and tacos pairings were a hit. The entertainment was great. The weather was HOT as…but at least no rain this year. We had more Hashers this year than ever – almost 600 and from all over – so great sharing time with all of you. And we all are going to take a little break for a couple of months before it is time to plan for next year – August 13th, already on our calendars.

Even before Red Dress is finished each year, we start getting questions about how a group can get a grant. Our grant application process is open for the month of September and there will be a link here to the online application during that period. The maximum grant is $5,000 and grants are available to any local 501c3 charity that is not nationally funded. We have always provided grants to a very diverse bunch of groups, with our priority being those groups who provide services to a large segment of our New Orleans community.

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Red Dress Run

The run is usually between 3 and 4 miles (no one clocks it exactly) and participants start assembling, registering and drinking(!) at 9:00 a.m. There is live music before and after the race which begins at 12:30 p.m. Participation is open to anyone over 21 "who has a good sense of humor and realizes that August in New Orleans is HOT!" Wearing a red dress (or less!) is an absolute requirement. What you get for your participation is "Beer, Food, Music, Giveaways, and stories to tell your kids."

Don't have a red dress? Don't worry. The HHH Haberdashery will be more than happy to fit you for one, and chances are they have one just your size among their fabulous selection of outlandish clothing items.

The New Orleans Hash House Harriers (in shorthand, also known as NOH3) is one of the many clubs and organizations in New Orleans whose main purpose is to have fun, celebrate the city's unique joie de vivre (joys of life) and raise money for worthy causes. Its members love to dress up in outlandish costumes, consume alcoholic beverages – especially beer (within reason, of course), sing bawdy songs with X-rated lyrics and devise any excuse or reason at all to have a party. And they run (or attempt to run) nearly every weekend of every month.



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